FLOW AVS Remote Control Programming

Download Searchable PDF For Remote Programming

There’s been a lot of changes with the local Jamaican telecoms and cable services. Currently the largest one is FLOW – which was purchased by Liberty Global recently. One of their services is AVS which stands for Advanced Video Service. This is similar to FIOS provided by Verizon – where you can pause live TV and record things in the cloud. All seems really good except that on the older service the universal remote provided seemed better. Most persons that have this service installed don’t even have the basic function of turning on/off their television and the technicians don’t seem to know how.

Until we figure out or find out how to access more functions from the remote we’re gonna help you at least use it to turn your TV on/off. Doing this can make things a little easier – just use the volume control on the cable box instead of your TV. This means setting the TV at an acceptable volume beforehand but, at least you won’t have to be using two remotes.

First have your TV on. The set top box (cable box) doesn’t need to be on. Press and hold the OK key on the FLOW cable box remote then press the TV power button (top right) once. The TV power button should now remain lit red. Press the power button repeatedly until your TV powers off. Then press any of the directional keys around the OK button. The code should now be stored and the remote should power on/off your TV.

Once we find any other information on this device we will update the post.


We spoke with other users of the service and found that the remote actually does have a document but it seems that some of the technicians don’t read it. Here are the basic instructions. We will attach a PDF of the actual document at a later time.

So yes – the instructions are there. And I didn’t even find the info online. Weird.

So – let’s put the info online.

This will be listed after. It’s a lot. I’ll probably scan the paper to PDF.

Turn the TV on. Hold the OK button and the TV POWER button for 3 seconds. The TV button will light up and stay on. Point it at the TV and wait – it will automatically be transmitting a power signal. Once the TV turns off press any key on the remote (except the SET button) and that will stop the auto search. Press the TV POWER button again and once the TV turns on it is set.

Turn the TV on. Hold the OK button and the TV POWER button for 3 seconds. The TV button will light up and stay on. Point it at the TV and press the TV POWER button once every 2 seconds. Once the TV turns off press nothing on the remote until the TV POWER light on the remote goes off. The remote is now programmed.

The volume is set to the cable box (STB – Set Top Box) by default. To change it to/from the TV press and hold the OK button and the volume up button (+) at the same time. Each time this is done it will switch between TV volume and STB volume.

Download Searchable PDF For Remote Programming